The logo embodies and expresses the brand's vision and mission through the use of custom made icon and minimalistic typography. The icon shows well crafted curved layers in a circle. The upper sky blue part of the icon symbolizes refreshing rainfall and other forms of precipitation from above.

The next segment of the icon representing the sun and its energy, the curved layers represent the crops and epitomizes the goal of the brand to be involved in the agricultural value chain from farm to factory to home. The bottom part below the curved layer connotes irrigation and other natural and artificial drainage systems that are core components of agricultural production which the brand identifies with. The entire circle symbolizes the farmland on which production is done.

The circle also encompasses the other elements representing the sum total of agricultural factors working in synergy, and also the processing and packaging of agricultural produce to suit market taste. The colour scheme combines the growth inclinations of green with a yellow red gradient for vibrance and energy of the sun powering that growth while placing a strong visual emphasis on sky blue; a major marker of the distinct positioning of the brand. The blue also denotes bliss. This is also emphasized in the typography.

Tolagrafik Inc.


  • 15/16, Alh. Obelawo Shopping Complex, Ejigbo Road, Agbowo, Iwo, Osun State, Nigeria

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